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Boomini White

A multistory dollhouse scale 1:6 size 47x62x132 cm (LxWxH). Perfect for placing on the floor as an original piece of furniture. The front parts of the house are mobile. When closed it makes a solid display home, when open it makes it easy to play inside. The set includes stairs, which can be used from the front or from the side. It is made of high quality MDF.

The interior is decorated with black and white wallpaper, which provides a perfect backdrop for furniture and accessories are in bold, vibrant colors. The rear wall of the kitchen is a blackboard, where you can chalk recipes or leave messages for other family members.

The house has 4 floors. The ground floor has an entrance hall with wardrobe and shoe cabinet, and a bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink. Both zones are separated by a freestanding mirror the back of which serves as a towel rail.

On the first floor is a kitchen with a double-sided island and 2 hocker chairs ideal to sit at while gossiping with a friend ;) The kitchen has a fridge and a cupboard with an oven.

On the next floor is a living room with a coffee table and comfortable hassocks (poufs), a lamp, a bookshelf and a carpet. On the walls there are two mini-shelves - one for photographs and paintings and the other for a TV. This has been designed to let the TV be a digital photo frame, smart phone or tablet.

The top floor has a bedroom and a double bed with a mattress, cushions, duvet and a bedspread. Beside the bed are bedside tables with lamps.

The house can also be rearranged to suit your individual tastes, all the furniture is moveable apart from two hanging shelves in the living room, which are permanently attached to the wall.