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Boomini Wood

A spacious house consisting of four parts, which can be freely combined with each other horizontally. Made from certified plywood. The set includes stairs.

It is ideal for several children to play at the same time as you can play on all sides. If you want to use it as a decoration, it looks best placed on a table to show off all the interior fittings.

The interior is decorated in pastel colors. The furniture is made of wood and plywood, painted with watercolors, which are safe for children. All the upholstered items are made of woolen felt.

The house has been divided into several zones. The kitchen includes: a cupboard, an island and a dining table with two chairs. The kitchen is next to the hallway, which has a standing coat hanger and a small stool.

The upstairs area is private, there are large quilted mattress beds (with cushions and a bedspread) and a bath with a pillar tap. The room has a bench where you can conveniently place clothes or towels.

At the back of the house there is a living room, which contains a sofa with cushions, an armchair and a footrest. Is complemented by a coffee table.

Above the living room there is a terrace with two deck chairs, an umbrella and a table. The recommended arrangement of the house, has a passage leading from the bedroom to the terrace.

The house construction and furniture arrangement both provide opportunities for spacial imagination and creativity. Dimensions of the house when set out as recommended are 122x78x91 cm (LxWxH).