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Mini Wood

Mini Wood is a house in 1:12 scale made of natural plywood, Scandinavian style. The set consists of 4 separate pieces, which can be freely set. For this reason the house can be a tenement, a villa or a spacious loft.

The house has been divided into several zones. The kitchen includes an island and a table with two stools. The floor is a private area with a large mattress with a set of pillows acting as a bed and bath with standing battery. The room has a bench, where you can comfortably put away clothes or towel.

The living-room equipment involves a sofa with pillows, an armchair, a coffee table and sideboard. Above the living-room there is a terrace with 2 deckchairs.

Both the construction of the house and furniture provoke to run spatial imagination and create room for arrangement according to your wishes.

Precious selected materials were used to perform the house and equipment. The house and stairs are made of high quality plywood in a natural, bright colour. Furniture is made of plywood and wood, and painted with certified water paints (safe for children). Cushions are filled with anty-allergy insert, and filling of the mattress is professional upholstery foam. Natural fabrics were used: wool felt (not polyester), 100% cotton. These are renewable raw materials suitable for recycling.

The house can serve as decorative function – it looks beautiful when placed on a platform, to be able to freely look to the interior. It can also be used to play, but due to delicate small parts, it is recommended for children over 6 years. The house can be a dwelling for a small household pet or a shelf for small items.

The house can also be a collector's item. Scale 1:12 is very popular among lovers of miniatures, and on the world market there are no modern houses (miniatures in the Victorian style prevail, etc.).