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Our team

Adam Kozik
An architect, painter, and visionary; surprising others with his maverick solutions and innovative ideas. A creator of both Boomini dollhouses’ bodies.
Ola Wołczyk
An interior designer. Always ahead of fashion and setting up new trends. Her original style has allowed to shape Boomini dollhouses’ class and form.
Mariusz Glejzer
A graphic designer and an artist with a perfect feeling for my expectations.
Maria Kula
An editor and author of the majority of books in abundant Boomini book collection.
Alek Wyroba
Technical support specialist of the project.
Michał Korta
One of the best design photgraphers in Poland. An author of photos to "Out of the Ordinary" - a book about Polish design. Photographer of Boomini dollhouses and interior.
Adam Golec
A renowned photographer, reporter, portraitist. Many of his photos entered the canon of Polish photography. An author of Joanna's photos at
Ania Pawleta
An author of kid's photos.